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Holmes Dental was founded by Shelly Greene, DDS in 1975.Holmes Dental care products are essential for maintaining good oral hygiene

Top Dental Supply Companies

Most importantly, companies offer high-quality products that satisfy your needs. Find ISO-certified companies that use medical-grade materials and rigorous manufacturing requirements. Supplies should withstand regular usage and sterilization.

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Key Things to Consider When Choosing Top Dental Supply Companies

This post will discuss top dental supply companies and significant aspects. You'll discover how to choose safe, effective, affordable products while stocking a new practice or restocking inventory. Let's make supply shopping easy this year!

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What is Self Cure Dental Acrylic Powder

Self Cure Dental Acrylic Powder is a versatile material used in dentistry for various applications. It is a self-curing acrylic resin that can be mixed with a liquid monomer to create a strong and durable material for dental prosthetics, repairs, and restorations.

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Dental Rubber Dam Placement: A Step-by-Step Guide

Dental rubber dam placement is a crucial step in many dental procedures, as it helps isolate the tooth being worked on and provides a clean and dry field for the dentist to work in.Proper dental rubber dam placement not only helps improve visibility and access during procedures but also prevents contamination of the treatment area by saliva and other fluids.

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